Sharing Your Faith

To many times Christians turn their heads when they hear someone disparaging their faith, but here is someone who thinks differently.  Former mixed martial arts fighter Ken Shamrock is urging Christians to “not sit on your Bible” in a time when many believers feel their faith is marginalized by society. 
“Don’t sit on your Bible,” Shamrock urged Sunday while delivering the sermon at Valley Bible Fellowship in Bakersfield, California. “Don’t hug it to your chest and keep it to yourself. God created you a certain way. Just because you’ve become a Christian doesn’t mean you become passive.”
 He also encouraged listeners to never “pass up an opportunity to spread God’s gospel or his word because it is eternal life or eternal damnation.”
The former MMA fighter opened up about his difficult childhood, including the poverty he faced, his decision to run away from home, and his criminal record.
“I believe God is using me to reach out and touch people who are struggling with either past experiences or experiences that are going on right now,” he said. “And that being able to talk about some of the things that I have gone through would help them understand that there is another way for them to get past some of the demons that they’re working through.”
We need more people thinking like him.



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