sonogram shows image of Jesus watching over unborn daughter

A Pennsylvania couple is counting their blessings after an unexpected religious image showed up in their baby's sonogram.
Alicia Zeek says that when doctors handed her the sonogram image of her unborn daughter, Briella, she initially reacted with confusion.
"I blinked a lot, to kinda make sure I was really seeing it..."  "To me, it's Jesus. It looks like Jesus."
"This is distinct-- I mean, there's another face looking at my daughter!" father-to-be Zac Smith added. "When I seen it, it almost brought tears to my eyes ... I was speechless, I just couldn't believe it, I really didn't believe what I was seeing."
Though both expectant parents admitted they are not very religious people, they both say they believe the image is a sign from above -- especially considering the number of complications Zeek experienced with her first two pregnancies.
Zeek's first daughter was born with pre-axial polydactyl, which means she had two thumbs on one hand.
When Zeek went into labor with her second child, who was born with birth defects like a cleft lip, her husband says the complications nearly "took her life."
Luckily, the couple's ultrasound technician says that baby Briella currently looks very healthy.
"The angel or God or Jesus, however you want to propose it, I look at it as my blessing,"
This story was reported by TV station WPMT of Pennsylvania and reported by ALEX LASKER of AOL.COM
I just love stories like this, it really warms my heart.


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